Aaron Calzado • Designer

Rimm-Kaufman Group

At Rimm-Kaufman Group I was the company’s interactive designer doing product development for Blueprint Search Analytics. Blueprint is an enterprise level tool built for search engine optimization.

Blueprint Search Analytics and Diagnostics shows you what your audience cares about, what content areas of your site are doing well, and pinpoints what’s causing traffic changes.

Blueprint Analytics Landing Page Mockup

The first project I was assigned to work on at RKG was to design a new landing page for Blueprint Analytics. The purpose of this page was to advertise our product features that differentiate ourselves from other SEO tools and drive potential customers to sign up and demo Blueprint.




Blueprint Analytics Date Picker Mockup

The date picker is an essential tool users of our site use to navigate through different reports. I worked side-by-side with my project manager, Jason Burt and front-end developer, Sarah Amandus in building a date picker that will have the necessary functionalities that will assist analysts navigate Blueprint and build reports.


When viewing reports, a user can use the date picker to navigate through different report dates logged by Blueprint. Users also have the ability to select a fixed range of dates and build reports.


The existing date picker/calendar does not allow analysts to select custom dates to build reports. Selecting different date ranges also changes the menu’s appearance substantially disorienting the user. Our users also reported that by selecting dates that didn’t have any data causes them to run into blank report pages. Users wanted to be able to see if they have data for their selected dates at date picker level.


In this proposed mockup, users would be able to quickly select custom dates via text input or by click selection. Per the users’request, data availability is displayed either in green (ready), yellow (processing), or red (not available) in the calendar view. And lastly, the appearance of the date picker would stay consistent because all functions can be accessed though a single popup.

Client Onboarding Process

On of my final projects at RKG was to streamline the client onboarding process for Blueprint Analytics. Unlike the onboarding processes found in most online services where onboarding is fully, Blueprint’s onboarding is a collaborative process for both the clients and Blueprint Analysts. View the Client Onboarding Process.


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