Aaron Calzado • Designer


With every project I try to create meaningful experiences for people through the lens of technology, storytelling, and visual communication design. Enjoy!


Rimm-Kaufman Group

At Rimm-Kaufman Group I was the company’s interactive designer doing product development for Blueprint Search Analytics. Blueprint is an enterprise level tool built for search engine optimization.

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Throw It Back!

Throw It Back! is a waste management system designed to inform and educate the general public on good waste management practices.

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Topicks is a news resource that presents you daily trending news topics from different perspectives. Topicks delivers the whole story by providing perspectives that normally go unseen.

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Hiatus is a home-brew chair hacked together from used parts and electronics designed to combat sedentary lifestyle diseases.

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Kinect × Three Little Pigs

The Kinect × Three Little Pigs is a digital storybook designed to reimagine the way children experience art of storytelling.

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Scout is the devilishly clever device you can't live without. This subtle little accessory goes where you go, and knows what you know so it can find your perfect match.

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Let’s Get Together

Let’s Get Together is a digital calendar concept for smartphones developed to explore new ways to input data, visualize calendar information, and encourage spontaneous social gatherings with other people.

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Crate to Plate

Crate to Plate is a food subscription service that delivers a series of seasonal local ingredients paired with original recipes designed to make the process of buying and cooking local food more accessible.

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Photo courtesy of Sean Bolan


In the summer of 2012 I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome. During the five week seminar I spent most of my days observing the culture, art, architecture, and design Italy had to offer. For my final project I designed, printed, and bound a one-off book highlighting my experiences in Italy.

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When I’m not designing things for other people I mess around with personal side projects.


Side Projects

A collection of projects I’ve personally worked on for myself or for other people at my leisure. Most of the projects in this section are created for fun with the intent of learning something new or making something cool. Enjoy!

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