Aaron Calzado • Designer

Profile photo by Luke Springer · Cover photo by Sarah Churng

Aaron Calzado is an interaction designer based in Seattle, Washington. Recently, he was the interactive designer at Rimm-Kaufman Group from August 2013 until the office closed in November 2013. At RKG he designed user experiences for Blueprint Search Analytics. Before that, he earned his bachelor of design degree in Interaction Design from the University of Washington. Way before all of that, he got his associates in Communication Arts at Honolulu Community College in 2007 and worked as a graphic designer in the beautiful state of Hawai‘i.

In his free time, Aaron enjoys tinkering with technology, exploring traditional print mediums, and playing Street Fighter.

Currently, Aaron is searching for a new place where he can apply his skills to help other people design great things.

You can get in touch with Aaron or learn more about him via:

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